About Gina


Gina’s experience working in the world of chiropractic and spa has created a style that is not only relaxing, but therapeutic as well. Using Neuro-muscular techniques including Trigger-Point Therapy, as well as deep relaxation modalities such Swedish, Deep Tissue and Structural Integration, she has helped many patients recover from injury and return to an elevated state of wellness.

Gina has a strong connection with her healing nature and brings that natural, healing world into her practice through a grounding and caring presence. She also brings along the physical elements of Earth using stone tools and stones to relieve muscle tension and pain.

 When she’s not creating a healing session, Gina’s other interests include understanding how people's heart's and mind's work; finding inspiration in nature to satisfy her spiritual nature, reading the latest scientific breakthroughs of massage to satisfy her intellectual nature and to bring the best to her clients by staying informed.

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