Swedish Massage

60 MINUTES-$70 90 MINUTES -$100

Classic long stoke relaxing massage, great for de-stressing after a hard week. Swedish massage promotes circulation and flexibility by moving fluids in and out of your tissues with even and relaxing pressure.


Deep Tissue Massage

60 MINUTES $70 • 90 MINUTES $100

Slow, therapeutic, and deeply relaxing massage for tension and pain relief. Great for stress reduction and increased range of motion. Designed to access those deep underlying muscle layers that might not get the benefits of a lighter stroke.


Neuro-Muscular Therapy

60 MINUTES $70 • 90 MINUTES $100

This modality uses precise application of pressure to tight muscle fibers encouraging them to return to a natural relaxed state. Known as trigger points these areas can cause pain throughout the body, not just where they are located. Working on these areas can be very effective in reducing chronic pain including headaches and body aches.



60 MINUTES $70

 90 MINUTES $100

This combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Neuro-Muscular therapy creates an all encompassing experience to address all of your therapeutic needs in one massage!



60 MINUTES $60

Relaxing massage for mothers-to-be. The main focus is on relieving stress and promoting over all wellness for mom and baby. This massage is designed to relieve many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy such as back ache, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and swelling as well as many others. Affordable and comforting because you have a big job ahead of you!


Sports Massage

60 MINUTES $70

Energetic pre-event massage to invigorate muscles and stimulate blood flow to the ares you need it the most without compromising your body mechanics. Post-event massage to calm and relax overused and tense muscle fibers. Great for weekend warriors, bike commuters, musicians and everyone in between!



60 MINUTES $65

Reiki is an energy healing technique. Practitioners can improve or restore the energy flow using techniques to direct the universal energy into and around the body to the places where it is needed for healing. It can be done with or without touch, client seated or lying down and remains fully clothed throughout. Very effective for clients who can’t tolerate regular massage techniques. Reiki helps to restore the mental , emotional, and physical well-being of the client while being minimally invasive and gentle.




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